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About Us

Our guiding philosophy is based on the core principle that understanding your current financial situation is the key to making prudent decisions that will impact your financial future. Whether you are close to retirement or in your retirement years, planning is essential to fulfilling your financial desires. As an independent organization, we listen to you and your needs to customize a plan specifically for your goals.

Rule No. 1: Never lose money
Rule No. 2: Never forget Rule No. 1

  Warren Buffett

Knowledge Is Power

With over 4 decades of experience and knowledge, we assist our clients to better understand the pros and cons of their retirement savings. We firmly believe that retirement should not be spent worrying about money, and that retirement savings accounts should not be intimidating and confusing. We understand that your money means more to you than numbers printed on a financial statement. Our simple, straightforward approach provides comfort and peace of mind.

Our Passion

Our passion is our clients, who we listen to and help achieve success with financial comfort and security. By being true to our commitments and keeping our promises, we believe we make a real difference for our clients. And it is why so many people rely on First American Trust of Central Florida and count on us for providing safe financial solutions – we understand retirement savings are important!